I was due to present to some customers on Tuesday. Having arrived a day early with presentation in hand, the only thing that could go wrong was me. Being early I thought I’d sit in on a couple of the other talks before showing up for dinner later that evening.  Two very polished presentations later my appetite had deserted me.

Relatively new to the company my presentation would clearly need work to bring it up to a level comparable to the two I had just listened to.  I wasn’t overly concerned, I had the rest of the day and if necessary the evening to improve on what I already had.

I was back in my room by 3pm thinking I would be done and dusted in time for dinner.  At 10pm I felt anxious as I answered a call to my room and found myself apologising for not attending dinner.  My only concern was finalising a presentation that would hold up to scrutiny the following morning.

Several hours later I’d all but done.  I was not due to give my talk until 11am,  a good night’s rest was all that was needed.  I laid back and awaited sleep to rescue me from my thoughts but my mind was still racing.  It was during this time that I first noticed the early signs of a headache. A couple of paracetamol later I again laid back in the hope I’d soon be asleep.

Roughly an hour had passed since I first tried to sleep, some 45 minutes since I’d taken the headache tablets.  My mind had stopped racing by now but the pain, far from subsiding was growing in intensity.  More worryingly I was now experiencing additional pain that was giving me real cause for concern.

  • Discomfort in the right hand side of my throat
  • Toothache occupied all of the thoughts associated with my right hand molars
  • A strong sensation of pressure behind my right eye
  • Most painful was a stabbing sensation

It was now 1am and I was seriously thinking about calling for help.


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